Running Free

4 thoughts on “Running Free”

  1. I hope Jen gets to read this blog. My kids always enjoyed having someone else to look after them. And, yes, you do worry about leaving them. So true.

  2. i will be in hong kong causeway bay next Monday but only for a few days, i was in trini last June and was first introduced to the hash hiking..boi was i sire the next day but you are correct it is so much fun especially at the end as a virgin and had to drink beer from my shoes..didn’t see that coming.i stay at crowne causeway bay but take the train to tuen muen which is where our warehouse is situated. anything special happening next week? let me know.
    trini in nyc.

    1. Hi Narry, yes there are a number of hashes all over Hong Kong, the closest one to you would be the Wan Chai hash (that’s one quick stop away from Causeway Bay on the MTR, even in walking distance). I recommend you check their schedule at

    3. . Have fun during your stay in HK!

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