The Customer is Not Always Right

3 thoughts on “The Customer is Not Always Right”

  1. my worst experiance was with a taxi driver picking me up from the island shagri-la hotel to the crowne plaza hotel which is basically 15 minutes away, i don’t know if this guy was a newbie from mainland china but he drove me around for about an hour and i knew he was going in the wrong direction because we had to pay tolls plus the meter was way above the average of what i would normally pay. the worst thing is he cannot speak english or at least that’s what he me beleive to think, after showing him my hotel card and so on he realized he was going in the wrong direction and made a uturn, when we go to the hotel i asked one of the attendant who knows me very well to ask this guy exactly where the mudda so and so he was taking me, based on the conversation between both of them he was taking me to some other crowne plaza in a different area or probably taking me somewhere to cook me and eat some steam brown meat…not me nah! i would ah buss up he head if he d only think dat!! he wouldda see how bad ah trini wouldda get on in china. after that experiance everytime i take a red crown taxi i ask the driver if he does speak english and if not i just tell him later horse and i jump in ah next one.

  2. Saying something….chuckled. Your right living in a small village, town, etc., does put you into the situation of meeting and dealing with same. Hope you enjoyed the other bottle.

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