Back to the Kong

And, just like that, life goes back to normal in Hong Kong, as though we had never left. It felt a lot like putting on an old, comfy pair of slippers that you had put in the back of a cupboard last year, and still feels great. The old friends are still here, the grannies selling veggies in the wet market still remember us, and life has pretty much reset itself. And it is a relief to know that though a year has passed, we are still welcome to pick back up where we left off in Mui Wo.


This time around, however, we have decided to live by the ferry instead of up in the villages. It was a fun experience for two years – life on a bicycle, I mean – but I don’t really want to do the whole riding-through-the-rain thing with a kid in the backseat and a bag of wet groceries in the front. Life by the ferry pier, with all the supermarkets and bakeries and shops right downstairs, is infinitely easier.

There are a few noticeable differences in Mui Wo though – mostly the crazy amount of construction going on. The biggest eyesore is the group of new high rises that are being built. By village ‘rules’, traditionally all houses have been only three stories high, and down by the ferry pier, the apartment buildings are all around five stories high. But the new public housing being built are tall and really look out of place in this rural setting.

But, that is life in Hong Kong. No matter where you go, or whether you choose to live in the middle of the city or in a quiet island, you are BOUND to have SOME kind of construction going on around you. And I should know – this is the fifth apartment we have rented in Hong Kong!



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