Scenic Caves – Collingwood

Having guests is a great motivator to get out there and try somewhere or something new. So when some friends from Hong Kong came through Toronto, we headed a short drive north to Collingwood to visit the Scenic Caves.

Set in a beautiful forest, with an easy to follow though hilly trail, there are 17 caves in total to explore, as well as the longest suspension footbridge in Ontario (see above). It took well over two hours to do the entire cave trail as it winds through the woods and down into a fantastic steep canyon. Some of the caves are big enough that you can stand in, and some you just take a peep into the deepest part.

One cave in particular was a VERY tight squeeze – aptly named the Fat Man’s Misery. You could potentially go through the narrowest spot to come out the other side, but only if you are a small year old child with no body fat!


Despite the heat, a number of the caves still had ice in them, such as the ‘Natural Refrigerator’ which apparently was used for food storage by early native tribes. There are also spots where the Petun tribe, which used to live in this area, held council and fought battles.


The cave trail is a loop, meaning you start with #1 and finish at #17 which returns you to the car park and office. You definitely need proper shoes as the rocks can be damp and very slippery, but you don’t need anything like flashlights or headlamps as there are lights in the caves already. If you’re with kids, after doing this cave trail there is also a fantastic playground, and a large pond with ravenous seagulls.

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