The Slow Reopening

We’re a few months into the “life with covid” reality. And slowly, thankfully, it is getting better. Not back to normal, but better.

The initial months of panic, fear and distrust are starting to recede, as more and more information about coronavirus becomes known. We continue to wear masks, avoid indoor/crowded places, wash hands constantly, and avoid touching.

But we are, thankfully, able to now see our immediate family “bubble”, instead of standing outside on the driveway and talking from a distance. Boy that was depressing. Finally we can go into each other’s homes, have dinner at the dinner table together, and even have sleepovers.

Sporting the new masks we just got in the mail

Another glimmer of hope is that the perfect social distancing sport is going to open — GOLF! I can’t wait to get out on the course, it’s going to be awesome.

In the meantime, we are trying to go outdoors as much as possible. And even though I’m usually a city girl, I’m glad we live in the ‘burbs, because it’s means we’re close to lots and lots of nature. Here are some of the little day trips we’ve been doing.

Fishing at Glen Haffy Conservation Area – and catching trout
Biking and skating at the Alton Bike Park
Hiking at Island Lake Conservation Area

I read in the news that people – especially those with kids – are leaving the city (meaning Toronto) and heading for greener, more spacious pastures. I guess coronavirus is getting a lot of people to reconsider their living situations and lifestyles. Because being stuck in a small condo with everyone trapped at home must really make you question why you live in the city.

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