Arty farty

A lot of interesting things have been floating around Victoria Harbour these days, other than the usual mish-mash of trash.

First it was a huge inflatable poo at the Kowloon waterfront:

Some call it art…… some call it… crap?

Then it was a giant rubber ducky:


Poo and ducks are both things that float in a tub… I wonder what’s next?

Both were part of some arty farty thing; the big poo was part of a museum’s inflatable exhibition, while the ducky was designed by a Dutch conceptual artist and called “Spreading Joy Around The World”.  I think the duck certainly would spread more joy than the big poo, but then again apparently you could go jump  around on all those inflatable works of art, which could be joy inducing for some.

I don’t know much about art, but I do know that the Victoria Harbour is not a place I’d want to float around in, even if I were encased in rubber. Though scenic and iconic, it is also incredibly polluted. They recently re-started the annual cross-harbour race which had taken a 33-year hiatus because of pollution. This baffles my mind considering the fact that a few years ago, while filming The Dark Night in Hong Kong, the producers were forced to cancel an epic action scene in which the stunt man would jump out of a plane and into the harbour waters, after the water tests found salmonella and TUBERCULOSIS! Holy dirty water, Batman. I guess they weren’t paying the stunt man enough to risk his health to do that one scene!