The Happiest Man in Tobago

An unforgettable day out, exploring Tobago’s untouched coastline and hidden bays with Screamers Boat Tours

Tobago Time

Not your typical tourist destination, Tobago offers a true, down to earth Caribbean experience, which will either delight you, or drive you insane

Feels Like Home

For the past decade, getting to Trinidad required a painful, mind and ass-numbing, exhausting 24-hour trip from Asia back to the Western Hemisphere. But now that I’m living in O Canada, in one easy 5-hour flight, boom! There I am in Piarco, looking at a sign that says HOSEINS ROTI SHOP. I definitely need a…

Chinee Parang

“Chinee parang, Chinee parang, Chinee parang, Gimme Char Siu Kai Fan”….. Are you offended yet?

Is T&T a good tourist destination?

“Not every country can capture the hearts of all the travelers passing through it,” the Compendium website says. “Travelers, please submit a list of reasons explaining what you hated about visiting ________ .” Boy oh boy were people willing to throw in their two cents about why they hate T&T! 

Christmas Tabanca

Christmas is always a tough time to be far away from your family. Regardless of how much of a pain in the ass the process leading up to Christmas day itself is — the endless traffic on the roads, the commesse of people frantically shopping, the long lines in the supermarkets as everyone rushes for…

Simple Pleasures

  I’ll be honest — when I come to Trinidad, sometimes I don’t do very much. Sure, I could use my time to go to the Gasparee Caves, or hike El Toucouche mountain, or trek out somewhere to go buy a specific kind of doubles, or whatever. But quite frankly, after the past year, where…

Good Morning T&T

Boy, it’s good to be home…. . It’s such a simple pleasure, to sit on the front porch as the sun is rising, listening to the parrots making their morning flight, and reading whatever chupidness is in the newspaper. For example, this man with the cheese balls. Only in Trinidad, yes! Yesterday while driving I…

Transitions – How long does it take to adjust?

It is an understatement to say that moving to a new country is never easy. We humans may be advanced creatures who have the technology that allows us to wake up in Trinidad one day and go to sleep in Singapore the next, but we still have some basic instincts, and one of those instincts…

A comedy of errors from the greatest country on earth

If you have ever met a Trini, you will know that we are fiercely patriotic. Trinis love being Trinis. We’re obsessed with it. It’s not just a nationality, it’s a way of life. For example, look at our annual Carnival, which is a huge celebration of our Trini culture. Almost all the calypsos sing about…

Dive Tobago

During the new year festivities I headed over to Tobago to stay with some friends, drink far too many beers, and go diving in Speyside. Kind of sad really to think that for my whole lifetime growing up on an island I never went diving. Better late than never, I suppose. We linked up with…

The long trip home

So here I am, back in Trinidad, this time for quite an extended period, actually. I survived that monstrous flight route that went Samui -> Bangkok -> Tokyo -> JFK -> Port of Spain, and actually found it to be better than going straight from Hong Kong to JFK which is 16 hours non stop….

How to Get Out of Trinidad

Maracas Beach. Shark and bake. Doubles. An ice cold Carib. A scotch and coconut water on Pigeon Point. Crossing the stage on Carnival Tuesday (well… when there was a stage…). Feting till the sun comes up and crawling into bed at 6 am. Cruising down the islands. Cricket at the Oval. Sunday lunch with family….

A December to Remember

In retrospect, maybe going back to my home country, Trinidad, for a whole month was not such a good idea. After all, even though I love the experience of living overseas, especially in Asia, there is truly no place like home. I am Trini to the bone always will be, and after spending a month…