Kayaking Island Lake

A gorgeous day out paddling under the scenic bridges and around the tiny islands of Island Lake

Hogg’s Falls

Pros: Super easy 5-minute walk from the car. Cons: MOSQUITO RAMPAGE FROM START TO END

Biking the Georgian Trail

The Georgian Trail is a beautiful biking path that runs 34km along Georgian Bay from Collingwood to Meaford, passing by Blue Mountains and Thornbury along the way. Popular with bikers (and a few walkers too), there were lots of people out enjoying the warmer weather and sunny skies, plus that gorgeous blue water that makes…

Winter Time Fun

This is our third winter in Canada. And finally it feels like we are getting the hang of it! And by that, I mean we no longer lay huddled around the fireplace, in shock, trying to comprehend how long it will take to ride out five months of snow. No, instead of hating winter and…

Pirate Life in Ottawa

A perfect socially distanced outdoors kids activity in Ottawa – fighting off scallywags with Pirate Life!

Wonderful Wiarton

Heading to the Bruce Peninsula? Be sure to stop over in the quaint town of Wiarton, with its beautiful waterfront

Niagara Falls Mini-Trip

Thanks to covid, now’s a great time to take a mini stay-cation at one of Canada’s top sights – minus all the annoying tourists

The Slow Reopening

We’re a few months into the “life with covid” reality. And slowly, thankfully, it is getting better. Not back to normal, but better. The initial months of panic, fear and distrust are starting to recede, as more and more information about coronavirus becomes known. We continue to wear masks, avoid indoor/crowded places, wash hands constantly,…

Introducing… the Covid Cat!

Since covid-19 started, and we have all had to adjust to life at home, all the damn time, without much contact with family or friends. Which means plenty boredom and loneliness. A lot of people are turning to the next logical step — adopting a pet. And now is a great time. After all, offices…

Beating covid boredom

We are slowly but surely losing our minds. I imagine this is what prisoners feel like. Or perhaps animals put in a zoo. Stuck, caged, with nowhere to go and nothing to do and no one to interact with. All I can say is, thank goodness we live in the suburbs, with lots of green…

And then came Covid-19

After a week enjoying a lovely, quiet, relaxing holiday in Huatulco, with sun, sea and spicy Oaxaca food, reality finally hit. Whispers of covid-19 reaching our shores had been circulating even while we were in the resort, and for days I’d been watching the news, watching the numbers climb on from hundreds to thousands, and…

Trip to Huatulco, Mexico

A gem of the Pacific coast of Mexico, Huatulco is a quiet, laid back beach town, and a great place to chill for a week

The Happiest Man in Tobago

An unforgettable day out, exploring Tobago’s untouched coastline and hidden bays with Screamers Boat Tours

Tobago Time

Not your typical tourist destination, Tobago offers a true, down to earth Caribbean experience, which will either delight you, or drive you insane

Ottawa Road Trip

Beautiful architecture, the Rideau Canal, markets, cathedrals, and many museums – Ottawa is a great road trip

Awenda Provincial Park

Our new favourite campsite, with FOUR beaches, a lake with canoes, trails, and snapping turtles

Discovery Harbour

Stepping back in time to 1812, at an original British naval base in Canada

Cheltenham Badlands

A strange geological formation of blood-red earth, tucked away in the countryside

Kazuemachi Chayagai

The trip to Kanazawa was coming to an end, and we’d managed to tick off most of the main sites: Kanazawa Castle, Kenrokuen Gardens, Nagamachi Samurai District, and Higashi Chaya District. The bonus was stumbling upon another district along the beautiful Asano River, which is lined with, you guessed it, loads of cherry blossoms, plus…

Higashi Chaya – The Geisha District of Kanazawa

Out of all the things we saw in Kanazawa, I think Higashi Chaya was one of the highlights of the trip. Higashi Chaya – literally translated as Eastern Tea House – traditionally was and still is Kanazawa’s ‘pleasure quarter’ where geisha and courtesans dances, played music, and entertained in quaint wooden tea houses (where tea…

Nagamachi Samurai District

Kanazawa has a number of fascinating little neighbourhoods, one of which is the Nagamachi Samurai District. Not too far from Kanazawa Castle (see previous post), Nagamachi is where samurai and their families lived while serving the castle and its inhabitants. With narrow roads and small, walled houses, this is an area that should be explored…

Cherry Blossoms in Kanazawa

Just as things were starting to defrost in Canada, we boarded a plane for a long, long flight from Toronto to Tokyo, to visit hubby’s family. Spring is a great time to be in Japan. It’s not too cold, it’s just before the stifling heat of summer sets in, and everything is in full bloom….

Whale Watching in Cabo San Lucas

From December to April, humpback whales and grey whales migrate from Alaska down to the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific, both to give birth to calves, and to mate. You can see the whales literally ALL THE TIME if you just look out at the horizon. In the morning we…

Exploring San Jose del Cabo

The old town of San Jose is not too far from the ‘Zona Hotelera’ – Hotel Zone – where we were staying at the Royal Solaris in Cabo San Lucas. Instead of forking out a lot of money for an overpriced taxi, we decided instead to try the local bus transportation, the Urbano. Getting around…