Sweet Summer Berry Picking

One of the great pleasures of summer time in Canada is berry picking. Fresh fruits are imported year-round, but there’s nothing like picking it right off the vine and popping it in your mouth. Things like blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are so expensive in places like Asia and the Caribbean and half rotten by the time they fly across the globe. So it’s a luxury to have it so close by.

Berrys 4 U is one of the most popular berry picking farms around here, about ten minutes out of Orangeville in the rolling hills of the countryside. A family-run farm, every year the folks at Berrys 4 U welcome locals and tourists alike who want to experience the simple pleasure of picking your own fresh fruits.

This year was only slightly different, as they tried to keep people socially distanced amongst the rows of raspberries. As always, it’s hard to keep kids apart. We went with some friends and had a great time. They gave us little baskets with a string to tie around our waists so that both hands would be free. It was a lot cheaper than buying at the supermarket, too.

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