Kayaking Island Lake

A gorgeous day out paddling under the scenic bridges and around the tiny islands of Island Lake

Hogg’s Falls

Pros: Super easy 5-minute walk from the car. Cons: MOSQUITO RAMPAGE FROM START TO END

Winter Time Fun

This is our third winter in Canada. And finally it feels like we are getting the hang of it! And by that, I mean we no longer lay huddled around the fireplace, in shock, trying to comprehend how long it will take to ride out five months of snow. No, instead of hating winter and…

Pirate Life in Ottawa

A perfect socially distanced outdoors kids activity in Ottawa – fighting off scallywags with Pirate Life!

Wonderful Wiarton

Heading to the Bruce Peninsula? Be sure to stop over in the quaint town of Wiarton, with its beautiful waterfront

Niagara Falls Mini-Trip

Thanks to covid, now’s a great time to take a mini stay-cation at one of Canada’s top sights – minus all the annoying tourists

The Slow Reopening

We’re a few months into the “life with covid” reality. And slowly, thankfully, it is getting better. Not back to normal, but better. The initial months of panic, fear and distrust are starting to recede, as more and more information about coronavirus becomes known. We continue to wear masks, avoid indoor/crowded places, wash hands constantly,…

Introducing… the Covid Cat!

Since covid-19 started, and we have all had to adjust to life at home, all the damn time, without much contact with family or friends. Which means plenty boredom and loneliness. A lot of people are turning to the next logical step — adopting a pet. And now is a great time. After all, offices…

Ottawa Road Trip

Beautiful architecture, the Rideau Canal, markets, cathedrals, and many museums – Ottawa is a great road trip

Awenda Provincial Park

Our new favourite campsite, with FOUR beaches, a lake with canoes, trails, and snapping turtles

Discovery Harbour

Stepping back in time to 1812, at an original British naval base in Canada

Cheltenham Badlands

A strange geological formation of blood-red earth, tucked away in the countryside

Hibernation Nation

Once upon a time, I was a voracious blogger. Writing about all the fun and interesting things I had seen or places I’d been, that kind of thing. Well, I haven’t written for a while. And that’s because pretty much since October, it’s been a whole lotta this rubbish: Followed by more snow….. and temperature…

Lion’s Head Provincial Park

In the last few months, whenever we’ve had the time, we drive north to the beautiful, pristine Bruce Peninsula, to hike, camp, and even swim in the warm, shallow waters of Lake Huron. Autumn is a fabulous time to roam around the Bruce Peninsula, with the autumn colours changing literally every day to the most…

Exploring Alberta’s dinosaur trail

About a month ago I was able to make a quick trip to Winnipeg, which is the capital of the province of Manitoba. This month I went a bit more west to visit two cities in the province of Alberta – Edmonton and Calgary – which are about a 3 hour drive from each other….

Bruce’s Caves – Perusing the Peninsula

By sheer luck, a close friend from Hong Kong has just moved to Ontario, and has a cottage up in a scenic area north of Toronto called the Bruce Peninsula, so we’ve been up there quite a bit this summer, enjoying the fantastic natural scenery. The Bruce Peninsula is on Lake Huron, which has a…

Warsaw Caves

  Canada is bear country – let’s face facts. Once in a while in the local news you hear about bear sightings nearby, as in 20 minutes up the road, and you are reminded that Canada is one big-assed country with a lot of wildlife (unless you live in Toronto). Nonetheless, we embarked upon our…

Scenic Caves – Collingwood

Having guests is a great motivator to get out there and try somewhere or something new. So when some friends from Hong Kong came through Toronto, we headed a short drive north to Collingwood to visit the Scenic Caves. Set in a beautiful forest, with an easy to follow though hilly trail, there are 17…

Mono Cliffs – Instagram lies!

You can’t always believe everything you see and read about online, especially when it comes to travel. A lot of times we see an incredible image and think, ‘Wow, I want to go there just to see THAT, to stand there and take the same picture of this exact spot’.  Well, sometimes Instagram and Facebook…

Biking Island Lake

Since Island Lake is literally right around the corner, we’ve been there a lot for hiking and sightseeing. But this was the first time to do the entire lake, which is 8.2km long, on bike. What a great workout! And what a beautiful day. Island Lake is a 400 acre reservoir with a number of…

Belfountain Conservation Area

So the goal this summer is to go somewhere, every single weekend, rain or shine, and enjoy the great outdoors before the deep freeze returns, forcing people to hide indoors for roughly five months. There’s nothing like the threat of winter to make you carpe that god damn diem! Last weekend we hit up Belfountain…

Elora Gorge

It was a sunny Easter weekend, and rather than torture myself with dreaded kids activities such as an Easter Egg Hunt, instead we packed up the car and headed to the Elora Gorge, about a 30 minute drive from home. Elora and Fergus are two quaint little towns with large Scottish populations, and classic old…

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

It is supposedly spring right now – despite the temperature hovering a wee bit above 0’C – so it’s time to do some hardcore exploring during the few short months when Canada is not covered by snow. Orangeville is a great place to live if you like the great outdoors. There are dozens of provincial…

Life in a small town

Everyone knows of course Toronto, or maybe Mississauga and Brampton where there is a high concentration of West Indians. But tell someone you’re living in Orangeville and they look at you blankly. Either that or they say, ‘why the ass are you living out there in the countryside?’ Indeed, it is countryside – Orangeville is…

Coming in from the cold

So, what has been going on here in the True North, as I have fondly started to call Canada? Well for a few weeks in February it was brutal, with endless snow shovelling, which let me tell you is backbreaking work, especially when the bloody snow plough comes around the corner and DUMPS two feet of…