Hiking the Niagara Gorge

Niagara Gorge is one of the hidden attractions in the Niagara area, and one that often gets overlooked by visitors who are drawn to the iconic Horseshoe Falls, boat tours, and tourist traps like the Journey Behind the Falls (which is worth it) and Niagara’s Fury (which is not worth it).

But venture down into the gorge and you get to see Niagara’s true fury up close and personal. Level 1 white water rapids rush endlessly down a massive slice in the earth, in a terrifying torrent that never ceases. Most people admire it from above, but to really get a feel for the power of the falls, you need to go down to ground level.

Thankfully, this isn’t even dangerous to do. You don’t even have to pay any entrance fees (as anyone whose every been to Niagara Falls knows, you can just throw money around all day and never run out of ‘experiences’ to pay for). All you have to do is park at the Niagara Glen Nature Center, and go down one heck of a lot of steps.

Once at the bottom, there are little signs to lead you to the trails. The one that we did that day was the aptly named River Trail, which winds its way along the gorge. To get to the River Trail, once you get to the bottom of the steel steps, turn right and follow the little fish signs on the Eddy Trail which leads you to the River Trail. The trail is numbered, so it’s really straightforward to follow.

Once you reach the end of the River Trail, you can either hook up with another trail that leads you back, or backtrack on the River Trail to the entrance of the Glen.

The River Trail is really easy to do, and end-to-end probably took us 1.5 hours. But it’s a lot of climbing on the paths, and a TON of steps to get up and down the entrance of the gorge, so wear good shoes and be prepared!


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