Rockwood Conservation Area

Springtime is here! Which means it’s high time to strap on the old boots and go explore some new trails. Today’s destination was Rockwood Conservation Area, just outside of Guelph. Rockwood is known for its ruins, waterfalls, limestone caves, and beautiful vistas that look like something out of a Group of Seven painting.

There are two trails to follow, and both of them connect. We started with the Pothole Trail which takes you along the water’s edge of the Eramosa River, past some glacier-carved stone ‘potholes’, and towards the ruins of the Harrison Wooden Mill, built in 1867. (Also, can you spot the goose sitting on top of the ruins? I didn’t even know it was there until I took a close look at the photo when I got home!). The ruins are gated off to protect it from vandalism, and it’s too bad you can’t actually walk around in them, though understandable.

After passing the ruins, there’s a bridge over the dam and the waterfall, and then you’ll hit up a side trail which leads to the bigger caves on the Cedar Ridge Trail. The sidetrail to the caves is a deadend, so you then turn back and follow the trail along the other side of the lake and up into the hills, where you can really see the beautiful viewpoints below.

Rockwood is a lovely place to visit for the day, as it has a beach and a pavilion with picnic tables overlooking the water. After the walk we chilled in the Pavilion and ate our lunch while enjoying the view. It’s only May so it’s still a bit chilly, but when it warms up, I will definitely come back here to rent some kayaks and go explore the area on water instead of on foot!

One thought on “Rockwood Conservation Area

  1. What a wonderful day it looks like you had for the hike. It would be fun to do the kayak trip, too. Do they charge you to go into the parks to see? What fun.

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