Summer Kayaking in the GTA

After months of research, I decided to finally purchase an inflatable kayak. I was dubious because typically anything inflatable = poppable and I didn’t want to buy a cheap piece of plastic junk from a company that makes blow up kiddy pools and end up throwing it away after a year or two.

Instead I chose what seems to be a very strong inflatable, the Itiwit 2-seater. It was on sale from the Decathlon sports shop, has a 1-year warranty, has replaceable sections so that if you get a leak in one area it doesn’t mean the entire thing is doomed, and the inflatable bladders are protected by a canvas material.

We don’t live in a huge house and have a 1-car garage, so space is at a premium. Hubby wants to get a giant canoe but my question always is, where are we keeping it? Plus – how often will we use it? How will we transport it? Is it worth it? Can I use it on my own or is it too heavy for 1 person? How will we even get it back on top of the car?

This is why I think an inflatable like the Itiwit ultimately solves the problem. Here’s why it rocks:

  • It’s strong and sturdy, with the protective cover
  • It rolls up and fits into a backpack and doesn’t take up all the storage room.
  • I can take it out by myself, pump it up by myself, roll it up and put it back in the car, by myself.
  • It’s easy to inflate and deflate – within a few minutes
  • It might not last forever, but I imagine I will get a good few years out of it, considering how short and limited Canadian summers are.
Pumping it up at Island Lake for the maiden voyage / practice run
You don’t have to be a muscle man to transport this inflatable (though two sets of hands does help)
So far, so good!

After getting used to it at the lake 5 minutes from our house, we tried it at a few other locations in the GTA. Here was the paddle at Ken Whillans Conservation Area on Highway 10:

Watch out for the guy in the banana boat!

And then back to Rockwood Conservation Area in Guelph, which was a lovely short paddle with loads of people around. But a lovely paddle nonetheless.

Chilling by the caves

So far I’m very pleased with the Itiwit and aim to take it out many times when the weather is warm. Anyone considering buying an inflatable kayak, go for it! But, make sure you buy a good one, and not an inflatable floating kids pool. Don’t buy the cheapest one from Amazon – invest in a good quality one and get good use out of it.

One thought on “Summer Kayaking in the GTA

  1. And then if you get fed up you can always send it to the refugees fleeing to the UK

    Yours, Lee


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