Time to Fly Again

With international travel becoming more and more treacherous and unstable, now is definitely the time to do a lot more domestic flights within Canada (again, one of the benefits of living in a huge country!).

One of Canada’s new Low Cost Carriers (LCCs), Flair Air, had some super affordable flights flying from Kitchener Airport direct to Vancouver. To me this was a bonus, because it meant skipping all the hassle of flying through Pearson International with its notoriously long lines and slow service.

Flying out of Kitchener was great! The airport is so tiny. There were about 6 people in line to check in and we were through immigration quick as a flash. Flair has brand new planes that are shiny and clean and with only one other flight taking off we had no wait on the tarmac. Well done Flair!

This was our first time flying anywhere in almost 18 months which, for someone like me who used to travel every month, is a long, long dry spell. Wearing the mask on the plane was the only hassle – but then again my daughter wears a mask to school all day so we shouldn’t complain. No food or drinks were served on the plane which made the ride quite peaceful.

Touchdown in Vancouver was great, we got our bags quickly and were on our way to downtown on the Sky Train. How I loved being in a big city again! For me Vancouver is the dream city of Canada. Snow capped mountains, ocean, beaches, skyscrapers, boats, trains, museums, parks, incredible food… to me Vancouver has it all, and is such a great place for kids. This is my third time staying in Vancouver and every time I go I only like it more.

And I don’t care what anyone says about “the rain, the rain, I can’t take the rain”… you know what I can’t take? Shovelling snow for 4 months! I can’t wake walking my kid to school in -18’c weather. I will take that rainy wetness over knee-high snow any day! Because to me, the rain means moisture, it means greenery, it means lushness. If you like skiing then fine, you need lots of snow. But quite frankly, I could handle Vancouver any time….. oh just leave me here, I’ll be fine!

More to come – Day 2 of the trip to the Vancouver Aquarium

One thought on “Time to Fly Again

  1. Great trip…and as I sit looking at blizzard outside, I understand the liking rain vs cold and snow…even though it can be pretty. Thanks for sharing.

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