Introducing… the Covid Cat!

Since covid-19 started, and we have all had to adjust to life at home, all the damn time, without much contact with family or friends. Which means plenty boredom and loneliness. A lot of people are turning to the next logical step — adopting a pet. And now is a great time. After all, offices remain closed, with staff working from home. Kids are doing online schooling, from home. Everyone is home. It’s a great time to finally get that pet everyone has been begging for.

The only problem is — everyone has the same exact idea!

It’s kitten season, and for the first time ever, kittens are a hot commodity. I’ve spent weeks contacting nearby shelters to try to adopt a kitten. I keep getting the same answer: “Thank you for your interest! We have a litter of six kittens but 75 people have applied to adopt them.” I hope that this year, there are no kittens and puppies left behind in the shelters.

Finally, our day came. After waiting and waiting and waiting, we adopted a sweet little Covid Cat, called Lily.

She is sooooooooo CUTE! And sweet. And naughty. And she has definitely brought a lot of excitement and cheer into our otherwise dreary and depressing existence, due to covid-19 restrictions.

The Arthur Animal Rescue has an amazing group of volunteers and foster families who take in pregnant cats, let them give birth at home (instead of at the pound), and make sure they are socialized and potty trained before being adopted. It’s been such an amazingly smooth transition, bringing her home. I highly recommend adopting through a shelter instead of a pet store.

The man who always said he wanted a dog

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