Craft Beer in the Countryside

Anyone who knows me knows I love beer. And there’s nothing like a cold, freshly made craft beer on a hot summer’s day.

The rolling hills and small towns just north of Toronto have a number of excellent craft breweries, some of which have opened their own tasting rooms and beer barns.

GoodLot Farmstead Brewing in Caledon has done a fabulous job opening up a beer barn, and it makes a delightful day trip in the country.

They not only have yummy tastings, but also on Fridays and weekends they bring in live bands to perform.

It’s a small, charming operation, with a small parking lot set up amongst the fields of hops which they grow and then brew themselves. GoodLot truly is a farm-to-bottle operation.

From their long list of beers – only some of which are available in the Beer Store – I chose a Bighead Amber, a Golden Ale, and a Farmstead Ale to try. Truly delish!

The beer barn is only open in the warm Summer months, and on weekends it gets BUSY so get there early if you want a good seat.

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