Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge

The Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge is an interesting place to stop and take a walk if you’re heading towards the sandy beaches of Price Edward County. Located within Ferris Provincial Park, the suspension bridge is a scenic spot that crosses the roaring Trent River. If you are afraid of heights you may not enjoy this! We watched one family pick up their rather large dog and carry it across the bridge as clearly the doggy was not happy about the heights.

Crossing the bridge
View of the Trent River from the top

The bridge is easy enough to find – you can either pay to access Ferris Provincial Park as a day user, or you can park near the locks and walk over. This is where we parked because it was right next to the bridge and it was free. There are only a few parking spots available here.

After crossing the bridge we took a left and walked around Ferris Provincial Park to check out the nearby Ranney Falls. By following the fence we got some lovely views of the houses along the Trent River. It was then that we saw some people down in the river, jumping off some short cliffs into the waters below. Turns out those were the falls – but why was there no water? Curious, we went to check it out, ignoring the signs that said “do not cross”.

Ranney Falls at low level water

Now lots of provincial parks have signs that say “do not cross”, usually because people do stupid things like fall down steep cliffs and have to be rescued. But since there didn’t seem to be any danger, we went down to the riverbed and said hi to the two people (in the picture above) enjoying a lovely swim.

Much to our surprise, within minutes a security guard came down to tell us we can’t be down there because it isn’t safe. We asked him why and he explained that upstream is a dam, which sometimes opens. The dry river bed that we were standing on fills up and if you happen to be there when that happens, then it’s very dangerous.

“Those two people have been here for days,” he explained, pointing at the people enjoying the river. “I keep telling them they can’t be here but they won’t listen. I will have to call the police today.” I felt a bit sorry for this security guard who has to spend all day every day chasing people who ignore the signs, like us!

Once we got home, I looked up Ranney Falls and saw that indeed, if the dam opens up you will be swept away. So please listen to the poor security guard! And maybe Ferris Provincial Park should have a warning about the dam.

One thought on “Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge

  1. I understand about the dog. Fancy would never do it, but Misty might.
    Thanks for sharing all these. It’s helped during my recouperation.

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