Hogg’s Falls

((SPOILER ALERT: All I can say is…….. be ready for the mosquitoes.))

Hogg’s Falls is a lovely and easy waterfall to access in Flesherton, about 45 minutes north of us. It has a very small parking lot, and no facilities like toilets. The parking lot and trailhead is located on the side of a rushing river which flows to the falls, and from your car it’s barely a five minute walk. Which is a good thing, because after five minutes of getting eaten alive by those bloodsucking mosquitoes, you’ll want to get back to the car!

What’s fun about getting to the falls is that you have to scramble down a vertical cliff which someone has helpfully added some ropes tied up to a tree so that you have something to hold on to. It’s not a particularly long climb down – maybe 10 feet – but if you’ve got little kids they will definitely need help.

Once you’re down, you can go right up to the falls, if you don’t mind getting your feet wet. It’s pretty powerful so be careful! I imagine on a very hot summer’s day this is a great place to cool down and get wet.

But….. the mosquitoes ruin all the fun. You’ll be slapping your legs every 10 seconds. We had brought our picnic bag to have a little snack by the falls, but instead had to head back to the parking lot. So my recommendation is to go see the falls and then go back up to the top of the river because all of the mosquitoes are down there by the falls.

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