Climbing Murphy’s Pinnacle

As I might have mentioned, covid restrictions have forced us to take a close look at the map and see what the heck is nearby for us to do. And one little gem of a place we discovered recently is Boyne Valley Provincial Park, just up the road in Shelburne.

Tucked away on the side of the road north of Primrose, it’s easy to drive by and not even know there was an entrance to the park right there. (Click on the link to see where to park your car on the side of the road. Parking can be difficult to find on weekends. )

Boyne Valley Lookout Trailhead

It’s a non-operating provincial park, which means there are no facilities like bathrooms or staff or anything. It is pretty much just footpaths and the Bruce Trail which runs through almost every park around here.

But the paths are lovely! It starts off with an uphill walk next to the stream, and then meanders through the forest before coming to a clearing. And from the big clearing, then comes the real challenge – a VERY steep uphill to the lookout point known as Murphy’s Pinnacle. Once you reach the clearing, you’ll see the path split into a fork. If you take the left fork uphill, you’ll reach Murphy’s Pinnacle.

Almost there! BREATHE!!!

All the huffing and puffing of this vertical climb is absolutely worth it for the incredible panoramic views you get of the rolling hills around Shelburne. Absolutely beautiful. A lot of people pack a little picnic and take a break at the top to catch their breath and enjoy the view.

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