Biking the Georgian Trail

The Georgian Trail is a beautiful biking path that runs 34km along Georgian Bay from Collingwood to Meaford, passing by Blue Mountains and Thornbury along the way.

Map of the Georgian Trail

Popular with bikers (and a few walkers too), there were lots of people out enjoying the warmer weather and sunny skies, plus that gorgeous blue water that makes Collingwood such an attractive town.

Northwinds Beach – a great place to end your ride

The trail runs along an abandoned (and repurposed) train track that was constructed in 1872, the Northern Railway Life, running from Toronto all the way to Meaford. While you’re riding be sure to take a look at the quaint Craigleith Train Station which was one of the stops on the train line.

We started from the beginning of the trail in Collingwood, which meanders by the Cranberry Golf Resort and then reaches the waterfront at Craigleith. The trail is incredibly easy to follow, and well maintained, though it does cross the road at a few points. I was with The Kid so we only did one section, Collingwood to Craigleith, and then hubby picked her up in the car and I continued by myself all the way to Thornbury.

I personally think Collingwood-Craigleith is the prettiest and most scenic part of the trail. After Craigleith the trail mostly just runs along the road and later on gets a bit more hilly and less interesting. So if you only have the energy to do one part of it, then definitely start in Collingwood and end in Craigleith. If you are with your kids, you can end your ride at Northwinds Beach which is very lovely and also has some swings to play on.

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