Awenda Provincial Park

I don’t have vast camping experience – we’ve only lived in Canada for about two years and there are so, so many hundreds of provincial parks around – but so far, without a doubt, Awenda has become the favourite.

Awenda is a huge park, with lots of different campsites depending on your needs – we chose Snake as it is radio free (i.e. no noisy neighbours) and dog free (i.e. no goddam barking mutts waking you up at night).

Site 313 at Snake Campground

Unlike Craigleith Provincial Park, which was like camping in a drive-in, Awenda’s sites are huge, with lots of privacy and shade. We were in Snake # 313, and I highly recommend it, as it is a stone’s throw from the comfort station, and you have no neighbours to one side.

Awenda is famous for its beaches along the incredible Georgian Bay. I’ve never seen water like that in Canada, just gin clear, like a beautiful day in Tobago, with soft lolling waves, and warm sandy beaches. Water was damn cold, though!

There are four beaches, and most people just go to Beach 1 because it’s the first one you hit up. Beach 2 is for dogs, and Beach 3 is about a 15-20 minute walk from the nearest car park, which turns people off. But Beach 3 is absolutely incredible, and worth the long walk. We didn’t make it to Beach 4.

Awenda is also great because it has its own lake, Kettle Lake, and you can rent canoes for a very reasonable $25, complete with life jackets. Kettle Lake is very picturesque, and has trout that you can catch.

Trout for dinner!

If staying in Awenda, be sure to go to the beaches at sunset time, when Georgian Bay is painted with so many gorgeous golden and pink hues.

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