Things You Only See In Japan

Japan is a country that never ceases to amaze. What is it that delights and surprises visitors so much? It’s pretty much everything – it’s the amazing designs, it’s the cute adorable things, it’s items that you never imagined could exist, it’s fake plastic food that looks so real, it’s robots delivering ramen, and holograms checking you in to hotels. Everything is just so different, so far ahead, so incredibly designed and imagined and achieved. Things are just better and more unique. I’ve lived in Japan twice and visited tens of times and I’m STILL always amazed!

Today’s post isn’t going to be a long explanation of what we did or where we went. It’s just going to be pictures of some of the weird and wonderful things you can see just walking around in Tokyo that you can’t see anywhere else.

More to come! Up next – checking in to a traditional guest house in Asakusa.

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