The long trip home

So here I am, back in Trinidad, this time for quite an extended period, actually. I survived that monstrous flight route that went Samui -> Bangkok -> Tokyo -> JFK -> Port of Spain, and actually found it to be better than going straight from Hong Kong to JFK which is 16 hours non stop. Having a few breaks in between really made a difference, actually. Those of you doing long haul flights, I have two words for you: ear plugs. Never fly without them.



Anyways, the worst part of the trip was going intransit through JFK. I absolutely abhor this airport and have decided to try to never fly through New York ever again. First of all, Trinis at Christmas time carry home everything but the kitchen sink. Everyone had at least six suitcases and it took forever to check it. Then when the check in was done, they don’t even take your bags for you. You have to tote your luggage over to yet another line and run it through a huge X-ray scanner. And then of course all the stupid security measures of making you take off your flip flops and put all your items in different containers for the x-ray machine, etc. etc. etc. etc. And only Caribbean Airlines starts boarding 90 minutes before the flight, but 15 minutes before take off, people are still not on the plane and are still figuring out where to stuff their millions of bags into the overhead compartments! Yup, after a few years in Asia, I have forgotten how to slow down my clock to Trini time! I better drink some rum or something…


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