The Happiest Man in Tobago

Blair Gomez of Screamer Boat Tours has got to be the happiest man in Tobago. After growing up in Trinidad (and, coincidentally, he was in my class in primary school, decades ago), he moved to Tobago, which is Trinidad’s little sister, to live a quieter life. After a few years of running a landscaping company, in 2019 he took up a new challenge — boat tours, on his lovely boat, Screamers.

After all, who wouldn’t want to spend their days taking visitors around on this stunningly beautiful island, with crystal clear waters that change colour from the deepest emerald blue to the brightest turquoise? Ask and he’ll tell you, doing this beats any other job he’s done, and since starting up this tour company, he hasn’t complained about anything.

So why is it called Screamer Boat Tours? It’s simply — because on this ride up the coastline of Tobago’s north coast, you are bound to scream with excitement! The day that we went out had some big swells, which made it a crazy ride that left everyone soaked but laughing.

Blair took us from Mt. Irvine Beach to the remote Cotton Bay, which has no road access, and is only accessible by boat. After about a 30-minute ride through the wild waves, we reached Cotton Bay, and had the entire place to ourselves. It’s a long, sandy black sand beach, with great snorkelling and swimming. We also found many leatherback turtle eggs which had recently hatched.

Pure Bliss!

After a while in Cotton Bay, some other boats showed up — didn’t they get the memo that this was OUR private paradise?? how rude!! — so we took a ride back towards a very popular tourist spot, the Nylon Pool. This shallow patch on the Buccoo Reef has perfect clear warm waters and is very shallow.

Passing by the Nylon Pool

The next stop was No Man’s Land, where we put down anchor in the bay and Blair prepared lunch for us. He grilled us barracuda that he had caught and seasoned, along with chicken skewers, and yummy treats like fresh pineapple chow, and buljol and Crix. In a bid to be more eco friendly and avoid single use plastic, he also had fresh juices in recycled rum bottles, and delicious watermelon rum punch. It was heaven!

And, of course, a few cold beers to wash it all down

If you’re heading to Tobago, don’t miss out on this amazing experience, not only to see Cotton Bay, but also Tobago’s untouched coastline, hidden coves, and deep blue seas. Screamers also offers fishing tours which, if the barracuda was anything to go on, will be more than worth your money.

Find more information on his website, or look it up on Facebook – Screamer Boat Tours.

The captain at work… not a bad job to have!

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