House hunting in Hong Kong

Hooray! We are no longer homeless!

Yesterday I hopped over to Lantau Island after work to do some more house hunting and met with a real estate agent in Discovery Bay. It was a beautiful afternoon, and we really liked the view from the balcony. Once I felt the sea breeze blowing in on the 21st floor, there was no doubt that we could live here quite happily. It is quite exciting. I cracked open a beer and signed the lease, with the plan to move in next weekend. We are now officially islanders!

View from the balcony

New home in Coral Court -- love the wooden floors!

After signing the lease, the agent zipped off on his golf cart and we chose to amble around in the Plaza. Discovery Bay is a really nice place, and quite different from the rest of Hong Kong. You really feel a million miles away from the madness of the city. It was a beautiful evening, a nice cool breeze blowing in, the sound of cicadas and frogs in the bushes, beautiful mountains surrounding us… I don’t understand why people say they would never live “so far away” on Lantau? This place is gorgeous, and only 25 minutes away by boat. I must be taking after my dear sister, who lives “behind god’s back” in Santa Cruz, in the bush. I guess it runs in the family!

In the meantime, the job is going all right. But it’s quite quiet right now. Most of my superiors and the company partners are on holiday so I actually have very little work to do. I suppose I should enjoy the calm before the storm. Where I work is the epicenter of corporate culture in Hong Kong. The building where I work is surrounded by shops like Prada, Burberry, Gucci, Swarovski, and so on. I feel a bit out of place! I will never spend US $700 on a WALLET… my shoes only cost US $18! I am a high class poser. I wonder if they can tell I am not one of them?

Outside the office -- the 'ding ding' coming down the road

So, generally everything is going well. I can’t wait to move out of this hotel and into the new apartment to settle in. This hotel is nice, but it is really weird living out of your suitcase in a hotel room, not having a washing machine… not having a kitchen… not being able to cook… But I am glad the relocation to Hong Kong has been quite easy. I am really looking forward to setting in at our new place.

Well, working girls have got to go to bed. I will write more tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “House hunting in Hong Kong

  1. Wooo-hooo!!! How exciting Yamos!!!

    Sounds like good times are going to be infinite in Hong Kong! No more street walking for you! Classy broad all the way from now on!

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