The scenic city

At times Hong Kong seems like a dirty, noisy, tightly compressed concrete jungle, but on nice days like today when the weather is clear and the breeze is blowing, you realize how scenic this city can be. After all, Hong Kong is a country made up of over 200 islands, and has lovely mountains, bays and ocean fronts.

Today after work, instead of walking through all the interconnected buildings down to the ferry pier, I took a nice stroll outside from my office through the streets and along Victoria Harbour. Here are some shots that I snapped during my afternoon stroll.



Leaving Prince’s Building, I saw a line of red during rush hour. Taxis are amazingly cheap in HK.


Mister Softee! Complete with ice cream truck music.


Another view of the financial district of Central, and the HK skyline.


This ridiculously tall building, the International Finance Center,
is Hong Kong’s massive erection and the tallest building in the country.


A view across Victoria Bay of Kowloon. A very short and cheap ferry ride takes you across the bay. Kowloon actually has twice the population of Hong Kong island because of cheaper rents.


Hooray! It’s my beloved ferry pier that will whisk me away to Lantau. Time to head home!


This was quite an impressive sight — a massive container ship
passed by so close to us it was a little scary! Hong Kong is
apparently the 5th busiest sea port in the world, and
indeed on the ride home there are boats everywhere.

Well that’s all for tonight. I’m very tired and hungry, so I’m off for dinner, a glass of red wine, and BED.

Good night!

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