There are Trinis in my neighborhood. I should have known! This place is sort of like if you transported all of the nice housing developments in Trinidad and stuck them all Down the Islands with a big HiLo and lots of restaurants. I should have known other Trinis would be attracted to this place too!

I was in one of the department stores today looking at shower curtains when I started makoing this young black couple nearby who were also looking at bathroom items. I wondered, are they Guyanese? Bajans? Where are they from? But then I saw her pick something up, look at the price, and STEUPS!!! Obviously it must be a Trini! So I decided to go up to them and strike up a conversation, and it turned out they live in the building RIGHT NEXT TO MINE! Very nice young couple, he is from Belmont and she is from Bacolet Tobago. Also working in the financial district downtown and newly arrived. They were so nice, they immediately gave me their number and said we should lime.

Then the other day I saw a woman walking down the road with a Trinidad & Tobago t-shirt! I asked her where she got it from and she said ‘From Mr. Simon!’ Apparently there are quite a few of us here. One of these nights we are going to organize an all-fours night.

If only someone would be kind enough to send me some Angostura bitters to add to my drinks!!

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