Stupid, stupid, stupid

I realised today that one of the things I liked best about living in Japan is that I couldn’t understand so much of what people around me were saying. In Hong Kong, on the other hand, there are so many foreigners all walking around speaking English all the damn time, there is no escape from the utter stupidity of 99% of the people on the street. Today I sat down in a foot court by myself to have a quick bite for lunch, and a young American couple came and sat next to me. Unfortunately they were yapping their heads off and I had no choice but to listen to their verbal diarrhea. This is what their brain fart sounded like:

‘So like, did you know about these, like, pink dolphins that live in the waters in Hong Kong? Or maybe they’re porpoises. I dunno, what’s the different between a dolphin and a porpoise? I always get a porpoise and a beluga mixed up. What’s a beluga anyways, is it a type of porpoise? Or is it, like, related to the sea otter? And then I was thinking, what’s up with penguins? Like, why don’t they fly? Do you think if you were a penguin, and like, I dunno you realised that you used to be able to fly a long time ago, like millions of years ago, but now you can’t fly, do you think that like you would be like, pissed or something? I think I’d be pissed if I was a penguin….’

The girl went on like that, ad nauseum. And it was absolutely nauseating.

I hate stupid people.

2 thoughts on “Stupid, stupid, stupid

  1. woman—stupid people are people too! 🙂

    How’s it going? I hear you will be here for Marisa’s wedding so I am very excited to see you. How is everything? Are you excited to meet your little nephew? Are you bringing your pilot?:)

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