How to Skip Christmas for Dummies

People look at me like I am a bit mad when I tell them that ‘I don’t do Christmas’. No tree, they ask? Yup, no tree. Do you give presents? Nope, not a single present. What about to your boyfriend, don’t you give him a present? No, he doesn’t get anything. Do you send Christmas cards? I’m afraid not. Do you have a Christmas tree? Hell no! No tree, no presents, no cards, no nothing? That’s absolutely correct.

This is my third year with no Christmas. To be quite honest, I stopped liking Christmas long ago, but as you know people force themselves through the stress and bacchanal of the season, spending too much money on gifts, freaking out over wrapping paper, enduring mall traffic, killing themselves over cooking a massive meal, writing and re-writing gift lists, figuring out if this one has enough and this one doesn’t have enough. Quite frankly, I see Christmas as a massive waste of time, so I simply don’t do it anymore.

So, here is my guide on How to Skip Christmas for Dummies:
1. Tell your family and friends that you love them, but never want to do Christmas again.
2. Send no cards.
3. Buy no gifts.
4. Don’t put up a tree, stockings, wreath or decorations.
5. Enjoy the peace and quiet of a non-Christmas.

Really quite simple!

Anyways, I hope everyone will enjoy their time off and have happy holidays, wherever you may be or whatever you may do. This may be my last blog post for 2007 since tomorrow I’m off to Singapore and may not have time to blog until returning in January. So in that case, have a happy new year too!

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