Time to kvetch

I promised myself I wouldn’t do it, but I’m afraid that the time has come… I need to whinge about the freakin freezingness of Hong Kong. Granted, mainland China is currently suffering through its coldest winter in half a century, and us in the south don’t have it nearly as bad, but I really do think I have a very valid reason to kvetch about the temperature — we have no heat!!!!!!

Something that boggles my mind is that the Chinese are credited with inventing paper, the abacus, gunpowder, the compass, chopsticks, kites and a wide variety of useful things. Not to mention they have what I would consider the most complicated alphabet on the planet. Yet somehow, after more than 2,000 years of advanced civilisation, they still haven’t figured out the fact that perhaps people need some damn heat in the damn buildings during the damn winter.

Right now it’s about 7’C outside, which doesn’t sound so bad, considering that I survived four long, harsh winters in Toronto where temperatures plummet at night to -15′ or more, and then tie in the windchill factor and it feels like -20′. I know I can handle hardcore winters. Been there, done that.

The difference in Hong Kong is that there is no indoor heating in the apartments, which means that if it is 7’C outside, it’s the same temperature inside and there is very little you can do about it. Tie in the fact that it is drafty, air is seeping into my flat through the air conditioners, and it’s been raining for about two weeks now so we don’t even have a little sunshine to help out. In Canada and Turkey, at least they understand the importance of good central heating (or a nice fireplace, ooooh), so that once you are inside, you feel all right. Here in Hong Kong, you’re freezing inside AND outside, and quite frankly, all you can do it wait for the earth to turn a little more and send some more heat.

As I type, I’m wearing thermal socks, two pairs of track pants, three long-sleeved shirts, and I’m strongly considering gloves and a hat. Crawling into bed is like sticking your body between two ice trays and the pillow feels like a big slab of frozen meat. And forget about taking a nice, long, hot shower — the draft coming in destroys any positive effect the hot water might have.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…… I have simply got to stop choosing to live in cold countries.

6 thoughts on “Time to kvetch

  1. ew! That would seriously drive me mad! You’d think they’d have designed portable heaters by now considering there are portable a.c’s! Poor Yam! Not even a fire place? Disgraceful!

  2. you mean, over there they don’t even heat by airconditioning like they do here in japan? you mean, ther’re even worse than here, where i already freeze my ass between november and april (i know the inside-same-as-outside problem very well!) greetz from ol’tokyo! j.

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