Appreciate your teachers

I think most people don’t really realise how tiring it is to teach. One of my duties at the ‘Big Blue Machine’ is to give Business English classes to staff. Sometimes this requires me to be in the classroom three days a week, for eight hours a day. And let me tell you — it is exhausting! Especially when you are teaching something like grammar. You don’t want the students’ eyes to glaze over, so in order to teach them you have to be all of the following things, and more…

A clown

A comedian

An interviewer

A peacekeeper

An entertainer

A psychologist

A referee

A negotiator

A leader

An artist

A hardass

A disciplinarian

A prize giver

An event organizer

I never have classes with more than 25 students at a time. I can’t imagine how people teach in a public school with as many as 40 students. All I have to say is, teachers definitely don’t get paid enough!!!!

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