Trinis Trinis everywhere

The more that I travel, the more that I am amazed at what a small place the world really is, and how even in the most unexpected circumstances, you can find yourself connected in a strange web of coincidences. This is especially true for Trinis, who, like salt (or cockroaches… or taxes), are absolutely everywhere, and somehow always seem to find each other….

A good friend of mine from Trinidad, Laura, lives in Malaysia. Her sister, Nicole, was coming over to this side of the globe to visit Laura, and came to stay with me here in Hong Kong for a few days. From Hong Kong, she would fly to Malaysia, and then the two sisters were planning to continue on to a few other Asian destinations together.

Now, at the same time, thanks to the wonderful world wide web, I was included in an email about Trinis and other West Indians working in Hong Kong. Some of us knew each other, some hadn’t met yet, so it was decided that we would all meet up one of these days for a Big Trini Lime at one of the girl’s apartments in Aberdeen.

A few days before the Big Trini Lime, I got an email from the Trini living in Aberdeen, telling me the most amazing story. She had gone to Vietnam for the Chinese New Year holidays, and while in Ho Chi Minh city, came across a beautiful silk store.

The store owner was about to close, but she managed to convince him to stay open and let her inside. Inside she went, and began examining the goods. A few minutes later, two more customers came into the store and began looking at the cloth.

They listened to the other woman in the store, and upon hearing her accent, approached her and said, Are you a Trini? They began chatting, and when they heard that she lives in Hong Kong, Laura and Nicole told them about me. “No kidding” the Trini in HK replies, “I know her too! And she is coming to my place for a lime this Sunday!”

It was, of course, the very same person.

It just boggles the mind… What are the chances that two friends of mine from Trinidad would run into another Trini in a cloth store in Ho Chi Minh who I had literally just gotten in contact with and was scheduled to meet within four days? And what are the chances that three Trinis would end up in the same exact shop in Ho Chi Minh anyways? These things you can only wonder about, and shake your head and say, the world must all be connected in some way….

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