Only in Hong Kong

The amazing thing about living in Asia is that each country is so quintessentially unique. Singapore looks nothing like Hong Kong. Thailand looks nothing like Malaysia. Beijing looks nothing like Manila. And when you are flipping through the TV and see a scene, you can immediately say, ‘Hey, that’s Bali!’, or ‘Hey, that’s Tokyo!’

So, for your viewing pleasure, here are some recent shops of quintessential Hong Kong street scenes, which I thought are instantly recognizable, and uniquely Hong Kong…

Tiny chock-a-block shop, with just enough room for two seats
A plumbing shop in Sheung Wan full to the brim of merchandise
I love the bushy facial hair. Amazing eyebrows.
High and low, at the Aberdeen harbour
CRAZY bamboo scaffolding covering a high rise, also the ding-ding making a stop

I think these are the types of scenes that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. I’ve been to mainland China three times and although Hong Kong is Chinese it’s still different to the mainland. These little street scenes may not be significant, but they are definitely the fabric of quintessential Hong Kong, and these are the types of images I will always remember.

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