Life is but a dream

The picture above demonstrates exactly why so many people come to Thailand and go on a non-stop drinking binge. I just went up the road to the 7-11 to pick up a few things, including four big cans of Heineken, four cans of tonic, and one bottle of Gilbey’s gin. Know how much it came up to? THB 620. That’s roughly US $20. Twenty bucks for four beers AND a bottle of gin!? And mixers too? All of which were imported? Where else in the world can you get so much booze for so little dough? I tell you, if you ever want to go somewhere and drink yourself to oblivion…¬†Thailand is the place to do it!


2 thoughts on “Life is but a dream

  1. 20US is only 180TT.
    That is only 1 bottle of rum.and maybe a few beers.
    Let them all die of cirrhosis of the liver

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