In an English Garden

On Thursday I left the city streets of London and headed about an hour south to the little town of Send, in Surrey, to visit a Trini friend who has been living here in England for seven or eight years now. It is amazing how the time really flies — the last time I saw her, she was jumping off of the jetty with her new husband after their wedding down-the-islands. And now she had an English home, two English kids, and a very English life!

Getting out of the city and seeing the English countryside was lovely. Big homes, green gardens, farm land, rivers with ducks in them… very picturesque. And luckily for me it’s been amazing weather. We took a nice long walk along the River Wey and ate proper fish and chips in The Anchor pub and drank a cold pint in the warm summer sun. London has a hell of a lot of things to offer, but I can see why many people, especially those with small kids, leave the city and head for greener pastures.

So, here are some shots from my trip to the country:

House boat
The quaint Anchor Pub
Zoe and little Adam
Busy at work

Soon I have another trip into a small city to the north, Norwich, to visit another Trini friend who has settled there. It is really great to get to see different parts of England and not just London.

2 thoughts on “In an English Garden

  1. It looks very restful. Would love the country living, too. Looking forward to your Norwich visit. I’m going to have to google a map to see where these are.
    Keep enjoying it and sharing.

    1. Actually I was just telling Seiji how certain parts of the countryside by the sea look a lot like Homer! Really reminded me of Alaska in some ways… though of course without the stunning snow capped volcanos!

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