Today in Toulouse

Today I went to the nearby Sunday market at St. Aubin’s square where I found all of the following and more: cheese… fresh bread… anchovies… tapenades… olives… cakes… pastries… empanadas… giant pots of paella… chickens turning on a hot rotisserie… tables full of herbs and spices… fresh basil, rosemary and dill… I wanted to eat absolutely everything!

Can I try one of each?
Massive loaves of bread!
Cinnamon and nutmeg

The market was also great for people watching and taking in the vibes. Just from being here a few days, I can see a vast difference in their style. The women seem to love dressing up in nice dresses and flowery skirts instead of just jeans and tops, and the men (at least some of them) also put on proper dress shirts. However, there are also a lot of grubby street performers, hippies in baggy pants dancing in drum circles, and half-drunk street musicians. French kids are extremely cute, and almost everyone seems to have a dog, but no one seems to pick up the dog poop so you find piles of it absolutely everywhere. And above all, people just seem very relaxed. Must be all the wine?

Got to make money to buy wine…
Trying to find a home for a kitten

Tomorrow — more exploring of the town.

5 thoughts on “Today in Toulouse

  1. Hey Vicki, thanks for the link! They certainly seem to know a lot about wine, food, and life in France. But a bit far from Toulouse, unfortunately. St. Aubin is actually just one of the church squares within Toulouse. But thanks for taking the time for the message!

  2. Yum! That is the first time I’ve seen nutmeg that isn’t grounded. Poor little kitty looks too young to be without Mom. Hope he/she found a home.
    Loved to see those flowing skirts. I’m afraid we’d be bit by mosquitoes at times here. Do they sell fish, too, in the markets? I would have like to try one of each of those olives.

  3. Hi Emily — keep the posts coming, I want to start planning a Europe trip and you’re inspiring me more and more! 🙂

  4. Hey Joel! Thanks a lot man… this is my first time in Europe too so it’s definitely a whole new world compared to Asia. Enjoy the honeymoon, sounds like you guys are going all over the place!

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