France could fete!


So now I know where we get it from. Trinidad was once a French colony and I have realised that we have been very fortunate to inherit the following from their culture: a compulsion to mako everyone around them, a flirtatious manner, a ‘don’t worry about tomorrow’ attitude, and a love of music, liming, drinking and dancing.

Just four days ago we ran into a gay pride demonstration, and today yet again we ran into another parade by complete accident. This time it was the Fete de la Musique — a massive national musical festival all over France. It fell on a Tuesday this year but that didn’t seem to dissuade anybody from going out and getting on bad. And just like Trinis, the French don’t go out until 10 pm or preferably later. How will people get to work tomorrow? Who cares!

Here’s some shots from the festival. It’s still going strong outside, though the bands have mostly been replaced by huge DJ stages playing loud rave music. Ugh. Obviously getting older!


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