10 Pictures of Tokyo

The old saying goes that a picture says a thousand words, so I’m going to save myself the hassle of actually writing a thousand words and just show you some pictures instead!

10 shots of this week in Tokyo…

Name Fail
Old paper umbrellas
Homeless people in Yoyogi Park -- the equivalent of squatting in Central Park in Manhattan -- and surprisingly nobody evicts them!
Grumpy stone statue
Big bottle of sake -- twice the size of a bottle of beer
Dude reading porn on the train
Woman in kimono taking pictures of boyfriend
A grown man wearing a sweater with a hood that has EARS! Like a bear!
Ahhh! It's gonna bite me!
So the tall tool in the middle with the curve at the top is apparently a traditional weapon used to keep samurai far enough away from you that they would not be able to stab you with their sword!



One thought on “10 Pictures of Tokyo

  1. Thank You! It’s nice for you to share as I don’t know if we’ll ever make it there to see Tokyo. It looks warmer there. We are at 6 degree F here today. Lots of snow packed up but clear.

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