The tallest bar in the world

Want to get high in Hong Kong? I mean real, real high? All it takes is a quick trip in an elevator to the swanky new bar aptly called Ozone, at a whopping 118 floors high, perched on top of the tallest building in Hong Kong, the International Commerce Center.

Part of the very glamorous Ritz Carlton Hotel, the Ozone bar is full of tourists and curious locals alike who want to get a view of Hong Kong island from what is — for now — the tallest site in the city. Though who knows how long that will last or how long Ozone will claim the title of the ‘tallest bar in the world’. Other mega towers are going up from Kazakhstan to Saudi Arabia though we can probably safely say the world’s tallest bar will never be in Saudi!

View of Tsim Sha Tsui below and Victoria Harbour
View from the tallest toilet in Hong Kong too! Waaay check buildings boy!
To the west, towards Lantau island
Central Hong Kong Island (where I live and work). The tall tower on the left USED to be the tallest in Hong Kong until the new ICC was built. These two towers stand, glaring at each other, across Victoria Harbour. I like to refer to these two towers as ‘Hong Kong’s Cock Fight’ (as in, mine is bigger than yours)

Anyway, what never ceases to amaze me is how fast these amazing things happen in Hong Kong. The amount of change and development and construction that has gone on in the short few years I’ve lived here is truly astounding. A building can be there one day, and literally gone the next, and the other way around. New high speed train lines and built seemingly overnight, expanding the network more and more. Why we can’t pick up the pace in Trinidad is beyond me — look how long it took just to build ONE bloody bypass on the highway!! I have to say, Chinee people could realllll wukk!




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