The dark (and dirty) side of Hong Kong

Without a doubt, the worst part about life in Hong Kong is the POLLUTION. It is incredibly depressing when you don’t see a blue sky for days and days at a time, knowing that it’s not because of clouds, but because of industrial and local pollution. Today the sky cleared but I had been counting — it had been ten straight days of stink, nasty, disgusting pollution. And you have no choice but to breathe it in, day after day. It’s not ‘over there’, it’s all around you. It’s where you work. It’s where you live. It’s blowing on your face when you’re on the tram going to work. There is no escape!

The usually beautiful Victoria Harbour, shrouded in smog. You can’t tell, but there are massive mountains right behind these buildings
Come on sun… try to shine nuh…
View from my office. Mmmm.


God dammit. This is what I hate about Hong Kong. I just might have to move.

4 thoughts on “The dark (and dirty) side of Hong Kong

  1. How sad!! I lived in HK from 1985-1991 and I don’t remember the harbor ever being so smoggy. Totally different view from the Star Ferries now (please tell me that they are still running??) I lived on the south side of the island, which probably helped too.

  2. YOW! That was what used to get to me when I lived in Toronto in the 70’s! Never as bad as what you’ve posted, but on a winter’s day, when you leave work in the fading light at 5(!) PM and the snow is brown!!!

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