The Ugliest Hotel In Hong Kong

If you should ever find yourself staying at the Best Western Harbour View Hotel in Hong Kong, beware — you may need to brandish sunglasses at all times. Gold plated from floor to ceiling, with the absolute tackiest, cheapest looking furniture and chandeliers one can find, this bizarre hotel is without a doubt the UGLIEST, most whorish looking thing I’ve ever seen!!

My poor dad is staying in this hotel for a week during his visit to HKG. I don’t have a guest room in the shoebox I call a home so he’s nearby at the Best Western. Sorry dad, I didn’t mean to put you in something that looks as though a Dubai gold souk had sex with a Bangkok temple and woke up in the morning to give birth to a Singaporean whore house. I swear I didn’t!

Now you’d think that a Best Western here would be like any other around the world, and have similar themes and decor that are on par with their international standards, but I found out that it is actually independently owned and operated, most likely by some businessman from mainland China. So let’s just say the decor is a bit… different.

Let’s give you the grand tour, shall we?

First you’ve got some lovely and very tasteful golden Terracotta Warriors to welcome you. Nothing screams class like golden Terracotta Warriors, as the old saying goes.



Then in the lobby there are gaudy chandeliers EVERYWHERE…



If you get tired (or dizzy, or have an epileptic fit or something), you can sit on one of these beautiful couches in the lobby and pretend you are an 18th century Baron…




Everywhere you go you walk on gold….



The best, however, is still the elevator. Psychedelic, man. I wouldn’t want to drop some acid or do some hallucinogenic drugs and then come in this tiny room. My brain might never recover.



If you can deal with the mega tacky and downright cheap looking gold-plated theme they’ve got going on, then the hotel is fine — and who spends a lot of time in their room while in Hong Kong anyways? The price is relatively decent, and location is good with about a 10 minute walk to Sheung Wan station.

Just remember, bring your sunglasses with you, because you’re going to need them.

4 thoughts on “The Ugliest Hotel In Hong Kong

  1. Ha ha ha love it…..a bit overdone, but i like the chandlier in a smaller version, like the elevator and the pewter chairs…well one piece mixed with something else. Ones future sure looks bright in theire however,it might be the place to go when ones personality is a bit blue.

  2. Hello!
    Does make you wonder who their decorator was. I wonder where they got the couches and chairs.
    I bet your Dad enjoyed being close to you, though.

  3. Ick. Next time send him to the Ovolo on Arbuthnot Road. Decent prices and really great service. I sent another Trini there recently and he loved it.

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