Baby on Board

Now that the Little One is almost a year and is nice and big and fat and strong, I finally got her a baby seat for the bike so we can go zooming around Mui Wo, instead of having to rely on our two feet and a stroller.

It certainly makes life a lot faster — by bike you can get to the ‘downtown’ Mui Wo in about five minutes, as opposed to 20 minutes on foot. Big improvement, if you ask me! Only problem is, the kid hates the helmet and screams whenever I latch it on. She should be glad she isn’t in Thailand where parents pile five kids on a motorbike with no helmets and no safety precautions and a dog in the front basket!

This is how we roll

Other than finally being on two wheels, it’s winter in Hong Kong now, which means grey skies that are either pollution (cough cough) or just lack of sunshine. Which is a shame because autumn is such a lovely, beautiful season, with that brief window of time when the sky is always blue and you can go hiking without breaking a sweat.

Afternoon hiking in the back of our village
The cows continue their daily commute


In addition, my father came to visit, but a cold front blew down from China and we froze our nuts off. It rained non stop for almost three days, making all of us completely miserable. You really don’t want to go outside and ride your bike when rain is lashing you in the face and it’s 8’C. Though, that’s nothing compared to the cold weather in Canada and the US right now. I shouldn’t complain!

Bob puts on a brave face, but Lynn is clearly not impressed with the cold!

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