Let’s go get lost

True trails can be hard to find while hiking in Hong Kong. More and more trails are being paved and manicured to make them ‘safer’ or ‘more accessible’ to hikers, which just goes to show how many government officials actually like hiking, because anyone who wants to go climb a mountain probably wants to get off the cement and feel the earth beneath their feet. But yesterday we stumbled upon a wonderful trail, with no markings, no signs, no toilets, and no directions. We had no idea where we were going – we got to a fork in the path, decided on a whim to just turn right, and see where it went.


We ended up hiking on a loop through Tung Wan Tau and Man Kok Tsui, and back down to Mui Wo. At one point we were up quite close to the Discovery Bay Golf Course. We passed graves and many, many abandoned houses. Most of the time we weren’t quite sure where we would end up, or how long it would take, or if we had enough water! But what fantastic scenery. Amazing view of Kowloon and Hong Kong island and Lamma and Peng Chau! Now that is a money shot.


From the top of the ridge, we figured out where we were and how to get back down. What was also quite amazing was the change in scenery. On the top of the mountain we were surrounded by pine trees. But once we began the descent, it turned into a prehistoric looking place, with moist vines covering everything and dense jungle.

IMG-20140322-WA0007 (1)

I promise you, I’m not peeing in the bush

This is my favourite thing to do in Hong Kong. And I am very happy to be living in Lantau Island, where you can just walk out your front door, and go get lost in the forest easily. I’m also glad my husband has a very strong back to carry this kid around for three hours!


4 thoughts on “Let’s go get lost

  1. Wow,
    Although I know hk island is very small but those hills are really high and for me I don’t think I can make it hiking over those hill, I also notice when traveling in the tung Chung line from causeway bay to turn mine I see on the hills where the Chinese bury their lived one and it looks as if they built a tomb… Is that what it is?
    Anyway, I know it only politicians like to hike but a lot more if the Chinese in hk love to do it on weekend and they also like to bike too… Have fun and doh kill the chiny man…. Lol

  2. Wow.that is beautiful.not for granny people though.
    Fantastic.i worry unduly about Lynn. She is having the time of her life.

  3. So glad you are experiencing and exploring your Island. Your little one is growing so much. Pretty soon she’ll be running along with you.

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