Tai Yuan Market – Toy Street

Once in a while I leave the refuge of Lantau and venture into the city. This time it was to go to the famous ‘Toy Street’ (proper name in Cantonese, Tai Yuan Market) to take a look around and see if I could find some cheap, fake Lego.

Toy Street was, to my surprise, chock a block with people – surprising because it was a Tuesday morning and a normal work day. But this popular market has much more than just toys. It has clothes, food, pig livers hanging up on hooks. You know, all the good stuff that a market in Hong Kong should have!

Here are some of the shots I took of the things that caught my eye. Christmas goodies. Umbrellas. Dried Fish. And yes, fake Lego.

Dried fish and cured sausage
Fake jade charms, keystraps, and jewelry
Lots of Christmas stuff. $10!
It’s all cleavers and cutlets at the meat stand
Vertical shot shows how high the skyscrapers are – you can’t even see the sky
Love the colourful umbrellas
Yum yum, dim sum!
Tiny mom & pop shop, the kind that are fast disappearing from the overpriced streets of Hong Kong. Some cut keys, some fix shoes, some even cut your hair. This one had an ancient sewing machine


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  1. Eileen says:

    very colorful pictures. I’m trying to follow your posts more. Expect you are busy getting ready for a move.

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