Coming in from the cold

So, what has been going on here in the True North, as I have fondly started to call Canada?

Well for a few weeks in February it was brutal, with endless snow shovelling, which let me tell you is backbreaking work, especially when the bloody snow plough comes around the corner and DUMPS two feet of it on your driveway, and you have to dig your way out in order to go drop your kid to school, which takes an extra 20 minutes in the morning because you have to warm up the engine, heat up the car, scrape off the ice on the windshield and windows, get the kid in a snowsuit and boots…. phew! Winter is hard work! All this shovelling better burn a lot of calories because by spring I am going to be fit AF.


But, winter is nonetheless a beautiful and fun time. When a fresh snow has just fallen, the world is really covered in white glitter that shines and sparkles. But I’ve had to learn a lot very quickly, about socks, waterproof winter boots, layers of pants, good gloves, and good jackets. Because when it’s -15’C during the day, you better be prepared.

That said, the winter weather has so far not kept us indoors that much, and the area where we live has lots of walking and hiking trails to enjoy, even in the snow! And Canadians are tough people – even in the dead of winter they still go jogging outside, and walk their dogs, and get on with life. Because the alternative, which is staying inside for four months, is pretty depressing. Best to embrace it and GO!

One thought on “Coming in from the cold

  1. Thanks for sharing…glad to here you are getting settled in and enjoying that snow.  It is hard when down to -15 C, that’s 5 F and we had just a week of that here, but several more weeks then normal in the teens F.  Unfortunately, not the beautiful snow that you have learned to enjoy.  Keep writing.  We enjoy hearing your adventures.Eileen

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