Belfountain Conservation Area

So the goal this summer is to go somewhere, every single weekend, rain or shine, and enjoy the great outdoors before the deep freeze returns, forcing people to hide indoors for roughly five months. There’s nothing like the threat of winter to make you carpe that god damn diem!

Last weekend we hit up Belfountain Conservation Area, which has lovely hiking trails, a big pond with picnic tables, and an iconic suspension bridge which draws in lots of visitors from the city, being quite close to Brampton and Toronto.  The trails are quite easy and the walk is fine even for small kids, and you pass over some very scenic parts of the West Credit River.


What I do have to say, though, is that the websites all make it seem like the suspension bridge is really big – but it’s small! Not that it was disappointing, it was indeed beautiful, just a wee bit shorter than we expected.

If going, I’d really suggest you get there early in the morning, like before 10am, because by the time we left in the later afternoon, the place was swarming with people and the parking lot was completely full.

Here’s some info about the hike itself:


From the parking lot, turn right and walk on the Pond Loop until you reach the suspension bridge on your left (Gorge Loop, purple). Cross the bridge, then turn right and do the rest of the Gorge Loops. It takes you back to the suspension bridge and the pond again.

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