Bruce’s Caves – Perusing the Peninsula

By sheer luck, a close friend from Hong Kong has just moved to Ontario, and has a cottage up in a scenic area north of Toronto called the Bruce Peninsula, so we’ve been up there quite a bit this summer, enjoying the fantastic natural scenery.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 5.37.41 PM

The Bruce Peninsula is on Lake Huron, which has a long coastline of sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters. At least now I can say that I swam in a lake once this summer, though looking back, it should have been a lot more.


One of the attractions in Bruce Peninsula are the Bruce’s Caves, where an easy 10-minute walk through a quiet forest takes you a handful of caves which were, amazingly, formed by the crashing forces of waves a long time ago when that area of the peninsula was under water. Very cool.


The caves are indeed very impressive, and you can go through some crawl spaces to get through to other ones, if you are very brave, but that day, I was only brave once.

There were a few dozen people there, but we stuck around a while to hunt for fossils, because where there are layers of rocks, there must be fossils!


I spotted this little nugget in the rock – could it be something with legs? A crab? A spider?