Cheltenham Badlands

We live out in the country – something I never thought would happen after living in some of the biggest, most modern cities in the world, including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Dubai. However, life in the country certainly does have its benefits, the #1 being that nature is always surrounding you. And once the snow melts, it’s time to go explore it.

One of the things I’ve been meaning to see since moving here were the Cheltenham Badlands, a geographic formation with blood-red earth, caused by rich iron deposits, streaked with grey lines of silt and shale.

From the car park on Olde Base Line Road in Caledon, you take a short walk along the Bruce Trail until you reach the Badlands Trail. It is easy to follow and there are signs pointing you to the turn for the Badlands Trail. In total, the walk through the forest takes about 15 minutes.

Apparently a few years ago, you used to be able to walk all over the badlands, but it was leading to soil erosion and destruction, so it was closed for a few years while they built a boardwalk which would allow visitors to view the area.

After this, we drove a few minutes to the cute village of Cheltenham, to have a bite to eat at the adorable Cheltenham General Store, which dates back to 1887. This historic building still has a small post office, a shop selling general goods, and an old fashioned dining room which is full of artifacts from the old days. It’s a great place to stop and have something to eat. On a warm day, the back patio facing the river is amazing.

The kids had no idea how to use this – it was hilarious!

If you’re planning a day in the country in the beautiful hills of Headwaters, the Cheltenham Badlands and the General Store are a great little outing.

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