Things That Make Me Happy

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I’m a very simple person. A boat ride on a sunny day with a cold beer will usually do the trick. But today I had a lot to be happy about.

Buffalo soldiers

The feral cows and buffalo that roam around in Mui Wo have it made. They are free range cattle — no farms, no milking, no ploughing the fields, no nothing, and all the fresh grass you can eat!

Feeling Feral

So what’s with all the wild cows on Lantau island? Who do they belong to? And how did they end up just moseying around Mui Wo as if they own the place? The wild herd of cows that inhabit Mui Wo village, or at least the herb that I see regulatory, seem to number about…

Just me and my buffalo

As I mentioned in a previous post, our roof is falling in, and to fix it meant we had to get out for a few days.¬†Luckily I heard that my company owns a little holiday flat in Pui O, a small coastal town on Lantau, the same island where I live.¬†It’s pretty far out of…