Things That Make Me Happy

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I’m a very simple person. A boat ride on a sunny day with a cold beer will usually do the trick. But today I had a lot to be happy about.

Not only did all the pollution disappear, revealing a nice, feel-good blue sky, but my husband also took care of The Child in the morning so I could go shake my tail in a Zumba class, and then when I came home he recommended that I go downtown to buy some hot new tight sexy workout clothes so that I could continue to shake my tail in a Zumba class in style. (Do I have the best husband ever, or what?)

So, that’s what I did. I went downtown to go shopping, got my stuff, and hopped back on the ferry.

But there was a lot more to be happy about.

Because the weather was so beautiful, and warm, and sunny, finally it was warm enough to sit down on the outside deck of the upper level of the ferry and enjoy the lovely weather. This made me incredibly happy.

I drank a cold Tsing Tao during the journey, which added greatly to my happiness factor:

I got a really clear shot of the International Commerce Center — or ‘Kowloon’s Raging Boner’, as I like to call it. The ICC is currently the tallest building in Hong Kong, surpassing its rival on Central side, the International Finance Center (IFC). Usually it’s so stink and polluted you can’t get a good shot, so this made me happy.

The ICC…
Versus the IFC
The two raging boners, glaring at each other across Victoria Harbour

Then there was a chick from mainland China who kept taking zillions of selfies of herself during the boat ride, which made me chuckle with delight, because I love observing vanity in its myriad forms.

I love me…. me me me… me me me me me me me me me

Then, when I got off the boat in the blessed sanctuary that is Mui Wo, I got to see a big, fat, mud covered buffalo walk, bold as day, brazen as a sagaboy, straight down the road as though he owns the whole damn place, which I suppose he does, because nobody would dare try to bounce him down.

The road is mine…. The road is mine

Yes… I don’t need diamonds and BMWs and fancy clothes. All I need is a blue sky sunny day, and a cold beer, and a buffalo or two. These things make me very, very happy.

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